Stars Around Devil’s Tower

Traveling Jul 19, 2012 2 Comments

Last night was our Devil’s Tower night.  We stayed at the Devil’s Tower KOA, which is literally just outside the gate to the park.  We ate dinner in the shadow of the Tower.

The KOA shows “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” every night in the theater/restaurant – I was excited to see it again, and knew it would be the first time for the kids.  McGyver asked, “Won’t it be awkward if we haven’t seen Close Encounters I or II yet?”  They were actually pretty surprised when, in the middle of the movie, it was revealed that the alien ship wanted to make contact at Devil’s Tower.  When Richard Dreyfuss started sculpting the Tower out of mashed potatoes, the lights started going on in their heads…

After watching the movie, Tracie and I went for a walk – just sauntered past the (closed) guard post and walked in the dark toward the tower.  It was eerie… and dark.  So dark, that I vowed to return with my camera, my poodle, and Domo.  We spent the next four hour hours lying on our backs, watching satellites and counting shooting stars, taking long-exposure shots of the Tower, and the night sky which surrounded her.  These are our favorites.


Bret Shroyer lives in Minnesota, where he enjoys outdoor activities and road trips in all seasons. He and his wife Tracie raise their three teenage children to be honest, independent, financially savvy and well-traveled. Together with their giant poodle, the Shroyer family strives to find excitement in whatever life has in store today. Bret's day job as a reinsurance actuary provides the resources and the flexibility to lead his family in their common pursuit of adventure.


  1. cheryl

    Sorry to inform you that we had a tragic deer attack last night.
    They gobbled up every flower, hosta and living organism in your front yard. But don’t worry…I sprayed the deer attack serum all over the eaten plants this morning.
    How could they do so much in one night???
    I wouldn’t live here if I were youse guys!


  2. tricia & tigger

    From Troy:
    Awesome! I heard part 4 is coming out early next year. : )

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