Taking a Breather; Reviewing the Road Trip so Far

Traveling Jul 18, 2012 No Comments

Yesterday was a travel day on the road trip – we’re relocating from Red Lodge, MT to Devil’s Tower, WY.  Tracie and the boys went riding (horses) yesterday, and weren’t done until after noon, so I knew we weren’t going to get all the way to Devil’s Tower before sundown – so we found a Holiday Inn along the way in Sheridan, WY.

The kids must be getting tired, because they didn’t swim – they just collapsed into their beds and watched TV.  After five weeks, I can see the allure of TV, I guess.  (Confession – Tracie and I watched six hours of Discovery Channel last night.)

A good night’s sleep, and a fast ‘net connection is a beautiful thing.  I’ve been sorting through a few of the recent photos and have a new appreciation for a batch that we took up on Teton Pass a few weeks ago.  We went up hiking early with the dog, as the clouds were still hanging low over the pass.  By the end of the hike, the clouds were lifting, revealing a beautiful view of Wilson and Jackson in the valley (the Hole?) below.



Bret Shroyer lives in Minnesota, where he enjoys outdoor activities and road trips in all seasons. He and his wife Tracie raise their three teenage children to be honest, independent, financially savvy and well-traveled. Together with their giant poodle, the Shroyer family strives to find excitement in whatever life has in store today. Bret's day job as a reinsurance actuary provides the resources and the flexibility to lead his family in their common pursuit of adventure.

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