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Hitting the Road in DC

While in DC, we saw many of the traditional sites. But we also made time to rest, which was vitally important. There was one day where an exhausted kid and bone-weary grandma and grandpa stayed behind because they just couldn’t do any more.

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Dining in DC

Dining in DC

Eating , Traveling Oct 20, 2011

As is our routine, while in DC, we searched out fun, out of the way places to eat; highlights that had nothing to do with the traditional DC sightseeing trip.

The Road Ends on Bates Avenue in Washington DC

Using VRBO to stay in a two-level row house in the heart of the city was one of the best decisions we made. At first I missed the predictability of a hotel, but in the end, being together as a family in the evenings and enjoying a few meals “at home” were highlights beyond anything we saw or did in the city.

Outwitted by Our GPS

One of the more unexpected and fun parts of our second day’s drive to DC came when Bret realized that our GPS, affectionately named Veronica, had ultimately persevered in her attempts to get us to skip a quick side trip through West Virginia.

Road Trip Relief – Radio Classics

When we bought our Ford Flex, we decided that the kids were old enough to no longer need a dvd player. We were thrilled, however, to find that the Flex is equipped with satellite radio. The true joy, however, came in the form of channel 82 – Radio Classics. We love listening to the old-time radio shows.