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13 Tips for Airline Travel with Kids

As the traveling season draws close, many of you will travel by plane.  Although it isn’t something we do often anymore (we are the road trip family, you know), we certainly have done our share of airline travel with kids. 

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Keeping the Peace While on a Roadtrip

A few years ago, it was a cold January Friday and my husband was out of work. We’d just heard from his headhunter (recruiter) who’d said that, due to a big convention the following week, he shouldn’t expect to hear

How This All Began…

In June of 2012, we took six weeks to unplug, disengage and travel with our middle school children.  On a road trip.  In a 19’ travel trailer.  While were were traveling, and since we’ve returned, the number of questions we’ve

Road Trip Recap – Would We Have Changed A Thing?

Now that we’ve been home for a few months and have regaled our friends and families with the best moments of our road trip, the jagged memories have softened into a bit of a hazy fog. Before we forget those

Road Trip Recap – How We Stayed Sane!

When we disembarked from our trailer after our six week road trip, I think people half expected to see a crazed family of five with glassy eyes and hair standing on end. When we returned home happy, healthy and closer