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Laying the Groundwork for Working on the Road

The past weeks have been spent primarily arranging my technology needs to make sure that working on the road will be as flawless as possible while we travel on our family road trip.

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Rules of Our Road – Family Travel the Fun Way

Since we began actively traveling with our kids, we’ve developed a set of guidelines that we use when planning our trips.  We’ve come to discover that although over-planning can ruin a good vacation, not having any type of framework can

We’re in Training…

We all know it’s a good idea to train for a race, but what about training for a family road trip.  No one really talks about that! Last year I joined Moms On The Run, a running group in my

Be a Part of Our Dream!

Come along on our road trip! This is a big dream – and we could use your help.  American Family Insurance is holding an "American Dream" contest, with cash prizes and mentoring (with Kathy Ireland!) going to the winners.  The

Planning a Road Trip

When we first thought about a grand, summer-long road trip through the American West, we were a bit optimistic, I’ll admit. America is a large country. You can’t see half of it in a summer. We learned, however, some important lessons about how to build a workable itinerary: