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Where Have We Been Lately?  Sharing GPS Tracks

Another handy Android tip:  Share your travels with fun interactive maps, all free: [breadcrumbs track=”124478″] Here’s how — Install the app “GPS Essentials” on your Android device.  This allows you to save a track of your travels. Create an account

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Interesting Travel Articles for 2012 Feb 08

Random Observations — a couple of interesting tidbits I came across today, you might like them as well: When traveling, you can sometimes feel a bit “out of sorts” and the only cure is some comfort food. For this ultra-marathoner,

WordPress – Cloning your blog into a subdirectory

Suppose you want to create another wordpress site within your current wordpress domain – but inside a subdirectory. How do you do it? In our case, we wanted a wordpress site for our kids to post to during our planning