We’re in Training…

Planning Feb 12, 2012 No Comments

We all know it’s a good idea to train for a race, but what about training for a family road trip.  No one really talks about that!

Last year I joined Moms On The Run, a running group in my area.  I’d never run before and decided joining a group that would help me would be a good idea.

I immediately learned that we would be training for a 5k later in the summer, and this first night, we would only be running for 30 seconds at a time.  That would be followed by three minutes of walking.  After running those intervals for a week, we’d run one minute and walk for 2.5 minutes.  So the schedule would continue throughout the summer until we were able to run the entire 5k.

In roughly four months, my family and I will stuff ourselves into a 19′ travel trailer for six weeks. Tight quarters to be sure.  We decided that it was time to start training.  So today we sent the kids to their teen hangout area in the unfinished basement to spend one hour playing a board game by themselves.

Domo came up twice.  Once to tell us Natasha was being impossible, the second to ask us if it was okay if they duct taped her to the wall.  There was a little arguing, a lot of laughing and finally the hour was up.  Not sure if they ever played a game, but at least no one got duct taped to the wall!  Strategic Training Session #1 completed!


Tracie is an Assist U Virtual Assistant who loves that she can take her business along on family road trips. Traveling in Lewis, her trusty Ford Flex, Tracie works while her husband Bret drives and three teenage children experience America as it should be - from the backseat. Along with their giant poodle, the family takes extended trips pulling Clark, their short, comfy travel trailer.

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