Pike’s Peak – Natasha’s View

Natasha’s Pike’s Peak Entry -

Today we woke up at 5:30am. I was so scared what was going to happen. When we left, we were going to a bike shop. When we got there, we got breakfast and waiting for the rest of the people to get there. We were the only ones in our group of twelve that were going to go on the Cog Railroad Train.

When we got to the top of the mountain, I was so scared about what was going to happen next. We got our bikes, mine was red. We went down the mountain, but my hands were shaking. When we reached the bottom, it started raining hard and then we went to lunch. I got a hot dog. My mom said I was so brave.

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Pike’s Post from McGyver -

Today was the best day of the trip… at least, as of right now, I can’t remember anything more fun. Anyway, today we got up bright and early and rushed over to Challenge Unlimited in Colorado Springs. Once we got there, we had breakfast and got the bikes we would be using for our ride down Pike’s Peak. Our mode of transportation up the mountain was the Cog Train. When the hour and ten minute ride was ore, we got World-Famous-Made-On-Pikes-Peak doughnuts. which were like mini doughnuts without cinnamon sugar. Heavy, yet light and delicious. When we were finished eating, we mounted our bikes and started riding.

The beginning was the most fun by far; all the switchbacks and steep downhills – definitely something I want to do again! As we went down, everything was a blur, without us knowing, we later found out that we were going about 40mph. We made about 14 stops at the best views on the mountain. I wish it could have lasted longer.

We we got to the bottom, we ate at a wine tasting place. Later that night we went to our mom’s old friend’s house. There we swam, played outside, ate dinner, watched a movie and had dessert. A very, very good day.

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Pike’s Post from Domo








Today we went up the peak of Pike
on the Cog Railroad
And went down on a bike.

We went fast, mom finished last, no one had to get a cast,
but one person crashed and got road rash.

Once we got down, we went into town.
It was raining, the rain was paining
because we were going so fast around switchbacks
My brakes kept going click-clack
I had no time for kicking back
On my way down


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