The View Out Our Window

In June of 2012, we are taking a six week trip with our parents. ¬†They’ll be doing a lot of writing and commentary while we’re preparing and while we’re on the road, and we thought it was only fair that we had our own website, too.

Welcome to “The View Out Our Window.”

We hope that we’ll be able to share with you more about the road trip experience from a kid’s perspective — who knows, maybe there’s something and adult can learn from this!

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Sand Dunes – Domo’s View

Today we went to the Great Sand Dunes
On the way, there were listened to lots of great tunes
We got sand on our paws
Rubbed them all raw
Luckily, we didn’t break the law
We went down on rental sand sleds
They were like really, really, really hard beds
At night we played cards by the light LED.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

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The Silverton Train!

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Road Trip Video Blog: Our Trip to 9000 Feet

A video montage, from Iowa to Central City, CO

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