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Road Trip Recap – WiFi Hotspot Woes

If you’re considering taking the internet with you on a road trip, do some research first.  You may be surprised to learn, for example, that T-Mobile just doesn’t cut it once you get west of the Mississippi River. Tracie and I both have T-Mobile Android phones, purchased with the explicit belief that their “Nationwide 4G … Continue reading »

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Yes, we did it!

We have been following The Art of Non-Conformity for quite some time. There is a great story behind the author and you can read all about it on his site. But while we were on our road trip, the following blog showed up in my inbox… You Can Do That? Great Go Ahead! I read … Continue reading »

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It’s Been a Long Time On the Road

For me, this road trip is a sabbatical – an extended period away from work where (in theory) I’m not paying any attention to what’s going on in the office.  It’s four weeks of unpaid* leave, and two weeks of vacation.  Tracie, on the other hand, continues to service her clients, but is working a … Continue reading »

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Road Trip Virtual Assistant – Trials and Tribulations

I’ve written before the fact that I became a virtual assistant primarily so I could work while traveling. And although I’ve worked successfully from hotels across the country and even while on a road trip to Washington DC, traveling the West has provided its own challenges (and we’ve been gone only a week)! My virtual … Continue reading »

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Laying the Groundwork for Working on the Road

The past weeks have been spent primarily arranging my technology needs to make sure that working on the road will be as flawless as possible while we travel on our family road trip. Continue reading »

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