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On The Road With Lewis And Clark – 0; Mice – 3

It’s been a long, cold and wet spring in Minnesota, not exactly conducive to camping OR family road trips.  But that doesn’t mean we’ve been sitting idle!  Some of you may know that last summer we wrote a book called

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Fixing Bubbles in RV Wallpaper

While camping in Moab, we experienced temps over 110 degrees, and it showed us some limits in our travel trailer.  One of the most alarming problems we had was a delamination of the vinyl wallpaper from the wall wherever we

Outfitting – Does Clark get Christmas presents, too?

Having just bought Clark, there’s a lot of outfitting to be done.  We learned some important lessons on our test runs this fall.  It’s amazing the stuff you realize you don’t have when you’re on the road.. We’d made a

Shakedown Trip – The Trailer with a Revolving Door

I decided that trial runs were for sissies, and that if-we-were-ever-going-go-on-a-six-week-trip it was time to get the show on the road. I went out (with my husband, of course) and bought my very own travel trailer.

Our Trial Run – Part Three (I know, I’m getting sick of it too!)

Our Northern Minnesota road trip continues with the breakdown of our rented travel trailer. Luckily, our Ford Flex (and a man with a wrench) came to the rescue!