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Our Dreamy Hawaiian Vacation, Maui

Our trip to Hawaii in February without our kids was amazing.  I think I’ve mentioned that.  🙂  Maui was where it all began! The first night we arrived at the Maui airport it was about 11pm local time.  This was

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What to Really Pack for a Trip to Hawaii

I have this weird thing about packing for a trip.  I have a personal pride in not overpacking, in taking as little as possible while still having everything I need.  My husband tells a (true) story about a time we

Doesn’t Every Dream Vacation Begin at the Maui Swap Meet?

Our trip began in Maui, where we landed at 10:30pm local time.  On paper, this seemed like a great idea.  We’d land at bedtime, tired from our travels, and get a good night’s sleep for heading out on our first

Our Dreamy, Kid-Free, Hawaiian Adventure: A New Type of Family Travel

There are some places people just dream about. For some, it is seeing the Eiffel Tower in Paris. For others it might be the blue seas of the Caribbean or the mountains of Alaska. For me, it has always been

The Importance of Family Travel

Sure, family road trips are fun.  But in addition to all those fun times, family travel has some amazing benefits.  Family travel teaches: Cooperation:  Whether choosing a place for dinner, or the next activity — you have to compromise and