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Road Trip Recap – WiFi Hotspot Woes

If you’re considering taking the internet with you on a road trip, do some research first.  You may be surprised to learn, for example, that T-Mobile just doesn’t cut it once you get west of the Mississippi River. Tracie and I both have T-Mobile Android phones, purchased with the explicit belief that their “Nationwide 4G … Continue reading »

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Finding Your Family by Leaving the World Behind

In June of 2012, we took six weeks to unplug, disengage and travel with our middle school children.  On a road trip.  In a 19’ travel trailer.  You might ask how this plan came about.  We sure did.  I mean when we first came up with a harebrained idea like this, I did what any … Continue reading »

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Taking a Breather; Reviewing the Road Trip so Far

Yesterday was a travel day on the road trip – we’re relocating from Red Lodge, MT to Devil’s Tower, WY.  Tracie and the boys went riding (horses) yesterday, and weren’t done until after noon, so I knew we weren’t going to get all the way to Devil’s Tower before sundown – so we found a … Continue reading »

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Road Trip Report: The Grand Tetons

What an amazing sight are the mountains of the Teton Range. Just north of Jackson, WY, drive north through Grand Teton National up to Jackson Lake via the Moose Wilson Road, then turn around and go back south through the park via the main highway.  The sights you will see are incomparable. Along the way, … Continue reading »

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It’s Been a Long Time On the Road

For me, this road trip is a sabbatical – an extended period away from work where (in theory) I’m not paying any attention to what’s going on in the office.  It’s four weeks of unpaid* leave, and two weeks of vacation.  Tracie, on the other hand, continues to service her clients, but is working a … Continue reading »

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