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7 Tips and Tricks for Eating Well While on Vacation

The more I travel, the more I talk to people who travel, I realize there is often a craziness around food and vacations.  It seems like every winter, ’round about January people who are taking a spring break trip start

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Honolulu Good Eats – Enjoying the Hawaii Food Tour

As if we didn’t have enough opportunities for great food on Oahu, we went on a food tour in Honolulu, the Hole in the Wall Tour by Hawaii Food Tours.  What a blast!  Over the course of five hours, Matthew

Dining in DC

Dining in DC

Eating , Traveling Oct 20, 2011

As is our routine, while in DC, we searched out fun, out of the way places to eat; highlights that had nothing to do with the traditional DC sightseeing trip.

A Little Taste of Home – The Norske Nook

Just two hours west of the Twin Cities, under a water tower in the small town of Osseo, Wisconsin;, is one of our all time favorite road trip restaurants, The Norske Nook.

Road Food

Road Food

Eating Jun 20, 2011

One of our philosophies when traveling is that if you look hard enough, you can find good local food for similar prices to what you’d pay at McDonalds. Never a fan of fast food, I found that on road trips, it seemed to escalate any and all issues we would be having in the car. Not only did the extra preservatives, calories and fat make us all feel “off,” any time saved by using a drive-thru was off set by cleaning the car and kids’ clothing when we stopped for the night.