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Packing Tip: Pack by Color

It used to be that packing for a trip wasn’t a particularly big deal.  Before the onslaught of bag fees and extra charges for oversized carry on bags, there was no problem packing everything but the kitchen sink. But times have changed, and so have packing methods.  I have one packing tip I have found … Continue reading »

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13 Tips for Airline Travel with Kids

As the traveling season draws close, many of you will travel by plane.  Although it isn’t something we do often anymore (we are the road trip family, you know), we certainly have done our share of airline travel with kids.  A few things we’ve learned…. Sometimes just being able to listen to the onboard music … Continue reading »

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How This All Began…

In June of 2012, we took six weeks to unplug, disengage and travel with our middle school children.  On a road trip.  In a 19’ travel trailer.  While were were traveling, and since we’ve returned, the number of questions we’ve gotten about our road trip has been astounding. “How did we stay sane?”  is a … Continue reading »

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Yes, we did it!

We have been following The Art of Non-Conformity for quite some time. There is a great story behind the author and you can read all about it on his site. But while we were on our road trip, the following blog showed up in my inbox… You Can Do That? Great Go Ahead! I read … Continue reading »

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Laying the Groundwork for Working on the Road

The past weeks have been spent primarily arranging my technology needs to make sure that working on the road will be as flawless as possible while we travel on our family road trip. Continue reading »

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