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Working and Travel

Now that the plans of our long trip are out, I’ve been getting some questions from family and friends.  A question from my Grandma is illustrative:  “So how can you take off six weeks and keep your job?”  Well, let’s

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Working Virtually on the Road

When we tell people about our plans to travel for six weeks, the first question they ask is: What about your jobs? What do you do? I am a Virtual Assistant. I work from home with a very select group of clients. I have never met any of them in person and not a single one lives in my time zone. The tasks I do for each client vary slightly, but in general I work in my sweet spot doing things for them that I love and they do not. For most, it is marketing.

‘Tis the Season!

For those of you who hope to someday travel, who wonder how you’ll ever get there… this is the perfect opportunity to begin implementing a tiny bit of your plan. Instead of asking for things that will someday need to be thrown away, or will no longer match your decor, this year consider asking for experiences for you or your kids.

Planning the Trip – With Kids

In the spirit of inclusiveness and family cohesion, we invited the kids to sit down with us for a couple of hours tonight to put together our first realistic itinerary.  It’s about time we started looking at making reservations for