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The Importance of Family Travel

Sure, family road trips are fun.  But in addition to all those fun times, family travel has some amazing benefits.  Family travel teaches: Cooperation:  Whether choosing a place for dinner, or the next activity — you have to compromise and

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Dream Challenge – Final Day

First the not so fun news – we’re sliding fast.  After a month in the middle of the leader board, we’ve now slid to eighth place and it’s not looking good.  For those of you who have absolutely no idea

And on Thursday, It’s Yodeling…

Sometimes I am reminded why we are moving heaven and earth to take an extended family road trip with our kids. The other day I was waiting for my kids at music lessons and a dad I recognized came in

We’re in Training…

We all know it’s a good idea to train for a race, but what about training for a family road trip.  No one really talks about that! Last year I joined Moms On The Run, a running group in my

Remember Each Little Moment… I don’t think so!

Most of the time this blog is about traveling as a family.  Our entire reason for taking the trips we do, however, is about being a family that works and plays together and enjoys each others’ time.  The good and