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Working on the Road, Free Travel, Embracing Simplicity –  Road Trip Roundup

What kind of work can you do on the road? What kind of work CAN’T you do on the road?  Today there are so many options, if your passion is to take to the road, then there’s a career out

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Making Dreams Come True: Entering (and Winning) Online Vote Contests

In February 2012, we participated in the American Family Go Get Your Dreams Challenge – it was an online vote-getting contest, with the top ten voted dreams going on to be contest finalists. Of 2700 entrants, we were fortunate to be in the top ten, but didn’t win in the final round. Along the way, we learned a lot of important lessons for anyone entering a similar contest in the future.

Cancel Your Regrets – Go Get Your Dream

Successful or not, we’ve all got one thing in common in life: there’s something we’re not happy with. There’s something we regret. There is something between us and our dreams. Then how can it be that some people are "living

Go Get Your Dream!  (Yes, it is Possible)

The AmFam website has been updated, and we’re in the top ten!  I can’t tell you how excited we are, and how immeasurably grateful we are to all of our friends, family, and coworkers who have worked hard in promoting