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Shakedown Trip – The Trailer with a Revolving Door

I decided that trial runs were for sissies, and that if-we-were-ever-going-go-on-a-six-week-trip it was time to get the show on the road. I went out (with my husband, of course) and bought my very own travel trailer.

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Our Trial Run – Part Three (I know, I’m getting sick of it too!)

Our Northern Minnesota road trip continues with the breakdown of our rented travel trailer. Luckily, our Ford Flex (and a man with a wrench) came to the rescue!

Our Trial Run – Part Two

By 5:30pm we were on the road to our First-Ever Family Camping Trip in a Rental Trailer. The problem is, we were on the wrong road.

A Road Tripping Trial Run

It was supposed to be a trial run. We had our new vehicle, but because of our limited towing capacity, we were limited in the size of the vehicle we could tow. We found a rare weekend when there was nothing on our summer schedule and rented a travel trailer that looked to be just the right size. At least it appeared to be the right size when looking at the 1”x3” floorplan viewed on the rental company’s website.

Summers in the BWCA

Although the idea to take six weeks off was a novelty to us, the idea of taking road trips was not. Although not opposed to airline travel, Bret and I have always loved being able to travel by car. There is something intriguing to us about getting off the beaten track. Seeing and doing things that others may never do.