Outfitting – Does Clark get Christmas presents, too?

Planning Nov 21, 2011 No Comments

Having just bought Clark, there’s a lot of outfitting to be done.  We learned some important lessons on our test runs this fall.  It’s amazing the stuff you realize you don’t have when you’re on the road..

We’d made a few lists while on the road, but really, nothing beats wandering the aisles at Camping World and looking at all of the merchandise.  Camping World is a fantastic adventure in RV living.  It’s impossible to visit without finding something that would be really nice to have, that you never knew existed.

But you can’t buy all of this stuff – you’d go broke trying!  The solution?  Write it all down and put it on your TallWish wish list so someone else can gift it to you.  Better yet, create a wish list for your RV, and add it to HIS list, and you can both get presents!

So I have to ask — why, when we got home, did Tracie put all of Clark’s gift ideas on my wish list?


Bret Shroyer lives in Minnesota, where he enjoys outdoor activities and road trips in all seasons. He and his wife Tracie raise their three teenage children to be honest, independent, financially savvy and well-traveled. Together with their giant poodle, the Shroyer family strives to find excitement in whatever life has in store today. Bret's day job as a reinsurance actuary provides the resources and the flexibility to lead his family in their common pursuit of adventure.

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