Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

In June of 2012, we are taking six weeks to unplug, disengage and to travel with our middle school children.  On a road trip.  In a 19’ travel trailer.  You might ask how this plan came about.  We sure did.  I mean when we first came up with a harebrained idea like this, I did what any normal person does in this day and age.  I Googled to see if other people had done anything similar.  And sure enough, I found a few things.  There was the family who traveled around the world in an ancient car, there were several families who blogged while taking year long sabbaticals, but the problem was no one explained HOW they were able  to take an extended period of time off and travel.

So, we started from scratch.  We came up with an idea that it would be fun and that we’d do it someday.  Isn’t that how all ideas start?