Cancel Your Regrets – Go Get Your Dream

Dreams Mar 01, 2012 1 Comment

Successful or not, we’ve all got one thing in common in life: there’s something we’re not happy with. There’s something we regret. There is something between us and our dreams. Then how can it be that some people are "living the dream?"

I think it’s as easy as moving past the regrets – find a way around, over, or through them, and get your dream. Who’s living your life? Who gets to decide what’s possible, and what’s impossible?  It’s YOU!  At the end of the day, there are few things that are actually impossible; just things that require a lot of sacrifice to attain. You want A? You’re going to have to do B, C, D, and E first. Are you up to the task? How badly do you want it?

Stop finding reasons that your dreams won’t work, and instead start finding ways in which they will.  If you get stuck, don’t get discouraged; just go into a holding pattern.  The way forward will emerge soon enough. There’s always a way forward. Want to accelerate your progress toward your dream? Start listening to people who are already living your dream. They weren’t born into that lifestyle! They were just like you once, and had to find a way into their dream. Stop listening to people who tell you it can’t be done.

There’s an old expression – "Whether you believe you can do it, or believe you can’t, you’re right." There’s no faster way to destroy a dream than to live in the mode of fear and regret. Cast those voices out and believe in your dream. You’ll be surprised how many opportunities you’ll find to advance it. Live life today. Don’t wait to start living – enjoy life now.  Celebrate the moment. Anticipate the future. Dream.


Bret Shroyer lives in Minnesota, where he enjoys outdoor activities and road trips in all seasons. He and his wife Tracie raise their three teenage children to be honest, independent, financially savvy and well-traveled. Together with their giant poodle, the Shroyer family strives to find excitement in whatever life has in store today. Bret's day job as a reinsurance actuary provides the resources and the flexibility to lead his family in their common pursuit of adventure.

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  1. Thank you for being parents who take the time to be parents! Spending time with your children is an immeasurable gift for you and them.
    I’m sorry I got here too late to vote.
    I’m a lawyer in Northern NM, the third poorest county in the State actually. Part of my work is devoted solely to children in the abuse and neglect system. I’m their advocate.
    I want all my little clients to travel, violent free environment and be able to experience life in a such a manner.
    My parents took me and my siblings camping often in Northern Minnesota and Canada. Many of my clients have never left this county. Your blog cheered me up this Monday.

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