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It’s Been a Long Time On the Road

For me, this road trip is a sabbatical – an extended period away from work where (in theory) I’m not paying any attention to what’s going on in the office.  It’s four weeks of unpaid* leave, and two weeks of

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Road Trip Virtual Assistant – Trials and Tribulations

I’ve written before the fact that I became a virtual assistant primarily so I could work while traveling. And although I’ve worked successfully from hotels across the country and even while on a road trip to Washington DC, traveling the

Mobile Posting

Mobile Posting

Working Jun 05, 2012

Lots of folks have been asking me the last few days, ”Are you going to be posting about your trip from the road?” I kind of hate to about it, but WordPress and Android make posting from the road pretty

Writing on the Road

Travel bloggers have to be consistently good at one thing: writing on the road.  It’s a skill that could come in handy for other folks, too – here are some ideas that might make you a more effective mobile writer/blogger:

WordPress – Cloning your blog into a subdirectory

Suppose you want to create another wordpress site within your current wordpress domain – but inside a subdirectory. How do you do it? In our case, we wanted a wordpress site for our kids to post to during our planning