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Our First Family Adventure

To be fair, this trip was never intended to come within a few weeks of our returning from Russia. We actually hadn’t planned to take the kids until they were a bit older. Although I knew Walt Disney World like the back of my hand after living and working there in college, I wasn’t sure I was ready to share the experience with a pack of preschoolers.

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Tips for Traveling Overseas with a Kid Who Doesn’t Understand a Word You Say

Traveling to Russia to adopt our daughter was an amazing experience. There were things to be learned however…

From Russia with Kid

Our family travel adventure hasn’t been limited to the US. There was also the time we traveled to Russia to adopt. A true adventure!

Summers in the BWCA

Although the idea to take six weeks off was a novelty to us, the idea of taking road trips was not. Although not opposed to airline travel, Bret and I have always loved being able to travel by car. There is something intriguing to us about getting off the beaten track. Seeing and doing things that others may never do.