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Voting Rights Museum in Selma, Alabama

Bret had always wanted to see Selma, Alabama; site of Bloody Sunday and home of the National Voting Rights Museum. When we arrived in Selma, we found a tiny little museum filled with history and stories. Although Bret and I vaguely remembered the Bloody Sunday sections from our junior high text books, the kids had never heard about it before and were amazed and disturbed to hear the stories. Right as we were preparing to leave, a small black woman walked up to us and introduced herself.

“I’m Annie, I was worked with Dr. King and I was there on Bloody Sunday when we were attacked.”

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The Place Where Tom Sawyer Lived

Our first was to be Hannibal, Missouri – home of Mark Twain and inspiration for the stories of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Since we knew that nothing there opened until 9am, we didn’t want to get there too early. We left our house at 10pm.

On the Road Again to Hilton Head Island

After the success of our first road trip to Arizona in 2009, I couldn’t wait to plan another. We decided the flexibility of scheduling, the convenience of packing what we wanted and the advantage of having a car when we arrived made road tripping our travel method of choice.

The Very Large Array

The second day in Amarillo, we were up early.  Natasha had slept in a fold away cot that folded up on her all night and she was more than ready to be done with that! We had made it out

And We Drove All Night…

That first leg of the trip we drove straight through from Minnesota to Amarillo, Texas. Our kids at the time were 10 & 11 years old. The day was spent singing along with Riders in the Sky (our favorite road trip music), chatting, finding new regional treats at gas stations, playing Gameboy for limited stretches, reading and doing school work. There were probably arguments, bickering and plenty of inane conversations, I don’t quite remember.