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Oh Aulani!

My family has owned Disney Vacation Club (DVC) points for several years.  We’ve taken many terrific family vacations to various places around the country by using our membership to the max. When Disney first announced they were building Aulani, a

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Our Dreamy Hawaiian Vacation, Maui

Our trip to Hawaii in February without our kids was amazing.  I think I’ve mentioned that.  🙂  Maui was where it all began! The first night we arrived at the Maui airport it was about 11pm local time.  This was

Loving Minnesota in the Winter-Making a Trip to Hawaii Even Better

This morning when we woke up to leave on our trip to Hawaii, it was -13 below zero.  Windchill made the “feels like” temperature -30 degrees.  These are the days I actually love to be a Minnesotan. There is a

What to Really Pack for a Trip to Hawaii

I have this weird thing about packing for a trip.  I have a personal pride in not overpacking, in taking as little as possible while still having everything I need.  My husband tells a (true) story about a time we

Family Travel Transitions to Unaccompanied Minors

Yesterday we crossed over into a new realm of parenting.  We sent our three (young) teenagers alone and unaccompanied on a flight to see their grandparents in Phoenix.  They were officially unaccompanied minors for the first time in their lives.