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On the Road Again

It’s time to dust it off. Today marks a year (more or less) since Tracie and I started our next big adventure – three years, or more, living and working on the road full-time.  Today, Sunday, we’re in Oakdale, Wisconsin

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Island Living

Island Living

Traveling Jul 09, 2013

Last week, we enjoyed a big dose of Island life – not tropical, but wilderness. Being effectively cut off from all communication with the outside world for a week was a refreshing change. Adapting our daily routines to fit the

The Road to Hana

One of the iconic Maui activities is a trip down (and back) the Road to Hana.  But first things first – this trip really is all about the journey, not the destination.  Hana is a tiny little town, on the

Honolulu Good Eats – Enjoying the Hawaii Food Tour

As if we didn’t have enough opportunities for great food on Oahu, we went on a food tour in Honolulu, the Hole in the Wall Tour by Hawaii Food Tours.  What a blast!  Over the course of five hours, Matthew

Fixing Bubbles in RV Wallpaper

While camping in Moab, we experienced temps over 110 degrees, and it showed us some limits in our travel trailer.  One of the most alarming problems we had was a delamination of the vinyl wallpaper from the wall wherever we