401k Kid

As you’ve probably gleaned from reading our site, our family loves to travel.

But we also recognize that there are families out there who just don’t understand how it’s possible.  Heck. our own families don’t know how we do it.

We work very hard to manage our finances wisely in able to afford the trips we do take.  We think it is notable that, while we stay in nice places, we rarely stay at those that are top of the line.  When we took our six-week long summer adventure, it was in a small travel trailer, for example.

We also work hard to teach our kids about money management and financial literacy.  So hard in fact, that when they were 7 years old, we developed a system that put each of them on their very own full-blown budget.  We explain that process and other financial lessons we’ve learned over the years, on our other website: http://401kKid.com

So whether you love to travel or would love to know more about teaching your kids to be financially literate, we’d love to chat.  We truly enjoy hearing from others who have had their own family adventures, on the road or around the kitchen table!

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